Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Job Experience

These song was the our song of our group when we had been applied in the SPES..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog entry no. 5( the acts of peace and kindness I could do as a gift)

* What are the acts of peace and kindness you could do as a gift?

All of us want "PEACE". And for that, we do all things to achieve it. For me, peace is already achieve when you respect, understand, accept the opinion, and attitude of others. Try to adapt also their own environment just like the Muslims, they adapt with our environment in order to understand us. And also when we have unity, we do have peace. If all the people will be united in one reason and purpose, there's no need to war and battle to achieve the peace that all we want. So, as an act we should respect each other and understand the differences.
Being a kind is a good characteristics that person may had. And for me, kind person is no need to wait for the exchange of what he/she do. Only God will pay for their kindness. So, if other people will ask on me for help, I will help them as long as I can do it with my own effort and in a good way. Doing a simple things or helping other people is showing also a kindness. So, big things or small things that you do to others as a favor is a good help for your spiritual feeling because helping others is your own happiness that you choose to have. Therefore, as a gift, I will be kind to others whom ask and need for my help so that I will achieve so much joy and happiness that worth to achieve.

Blog entry no. 4(the things I do at home or work to trash waste at school or home)

* What are the things you do at home or work to trash waste at school or home?

The things that I've been doing to trash waste are to separate it from a non-biodegradable to biodegradable and I was aware on how or where to put the garbage in a right place. When speaking about garbage, in our school we strictly aware of our garbage and now we are aware of it because their are program that being implement that says "There's no collection of garbage if there's no segregation". So, all the students of Lupon Vocational High School are aware on how to trash their garbage. In our home, we do have a compose pit, where all the biodegradable garbage like leaves will going to put there and sometimes we also use it as a fertilizer for our plants. And for the non-biodegradable, we just make sure that the en-charge person or "BASURERO" will get the garbage to throw or trash it in the right place. And for the plastic and recycle materials, there's also a place where to put them. Trash garbage properly is important so that we cannot get or achieve the disadvantages of a garbage that doesn't separate or segregate properly. Therefore, as summary, we should use the 3R which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog entry no. 3(the things I do to keep myself, others or our planet healthy!

* What are the things you do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?

Within myself, I was maintaining or keep my body healthy in the way that I was eating a good and nutritious food but also I will make sure that my mind and body will not be danger as I eat some foods that don't have a nutrients. And also exercise help me or our body maintain or keep it healthy because it help us to balance our body well. As possible, I always take good care for my health as well as with my family. I even teach them for the good hygiene. I watched for every food that they would eat and I may the one who remind them to take some medicine if needed and remind them that being healthy is so important. We should always take care and keep our body healthy in order to have a long life. And also like our body, our planet should also stay healthy. So, as a youth at the same time a person who aware with our environment, we should always clean and maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings. And as a student, I keep on maintaining our surroundings and I also use the 3R which is the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And also we must preserve our nature as what they look within the past time and care for it because as we can see that our nature will gonna lost due to the improper management of our nature. And also I was avoiding burning plastic because it could harm our lungs and aside from that it is the cause why our planet is so hot due to our ultra violet rays was so thin. Therefore, we should be aware and care for our Mother Earth...

Blog entry no. 2(the goals or accomplishment I would like to reach or attain this year)

* What are goals or accomplishments you would like to reach or attain this year?

I have so many goals and plan with my life but within this year, I would like to continue my study as a freshmen student in college. But before that, I do hope that I'm one of the graduating student of Lupon Vocational High School who will going to march on this coming March,2010. Probably, this year was my greatest happiness because I will be graduated in high school. I have so many plan this year. I want to have a job within this summer vacation because I want to help my parents in terms of our financial need. I know studying in college involved more money on order to finish your course so before I will going to enrolled in college, I want to help them to search or find money even though in a short period of time for my tuition and so on and so fort. So, now I was thinking to be a practical person. I maybe enrolling in a two years course or if my parents don't have money I will going in a short term course but it all dependent with our money and also with the help of God. But as of now, I was waiting for the plan of God, it maybe God will send me some chances that can help me. If there is the chance, so why I'm going to hesitate?; I will accept it and take the chance as a challenge. I was hoping that all my goals or accomplishments will achieve and all my plan within this year will be attained.


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